scribbles scribbles scrabbles

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You make me sick.

Every last one of you.

Open your goddamn minds.

This place isn't somewhere for you to stomp around.. atleast I don't think that's what was intended..
Live, laugh, love.. thats what you preach, isn't it?

Stop bitching and complaining about every little goddamn thing in your path, please.
Look at the big picture, that mural hanging above your head..
your neighbor's issues aren't painted there.. thats your life.

Why base every move you make off of other's actions?
Why wait and plan your life until you make sure it will work with others'?

Thats not how this world will recover, thats not how things are going to get better.
This place is so cold. It's depressing and everybody hates eachother.

When are you going to start living?
When are you going to start caring?
When are you going to stop molding into everyone else?

You can change.
I promise, it doesn't hurt.

(Please excuse the profanity, I sware it's merely to get my point across.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puzzle box.

You are a mystery;
You are a rubix cube;
You are a locked box;
a letter, sealed; adressed to you..

Let me in, come on out, open up!

I'm dying to crack the code.
I want to hear your secrets.
I'd like to match up the colors and unlock your brain.

Let me in, come on out, open up!

I want to know all your pleasures and kill all your pain.
Come on out, we'll drive for days.
That road ahead is vast and great.

Let me in, come on out, open up!

I'll give you the pen, you can narrate.
Write down every move we make.
Please let me in, just come on out.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I found a picture of us today..

I wish you would've been around long enough to tell me about the things you've done,
the places you've been and the people you have encountered.
I know I could've learned from you.. and I wish I could remember your smell, your hugs, and your voice.
I wish that you could be a memory to me so I could tell people about how much love you had for me.

In this picture I have been staring at you look like you loved me so much.
Your hands are so big and broad and gentle all at once.
And I don't seem to mind being in them one bit.

I hope you're happy wherever you may be.
Whether you're in some sort of heaven or leaning over my shoulder reading this,
just know that I love you and GG; and thank you for being so good to my mom.

The sun vs. the moon

She is your sun, and I am your moon.
She will forever shine but I am hidden in the night.
Its obvious you cant live without your solar power.
Don't let this eclipse get in your way or fool you,
though you are all I want don't let me block your view of the sun.
Don't let me hide what you want, don't let me hide what you love.
I knew this was too good to be true. Don't make me tell you twice,
leave me up here in this sky tonight. I can survive, I will.
Its a familiar pain. I need you so, but your smile is necessary.

Go on, get your energy.

Tha wall has won.

Everything that's jumbled up around me, is starting to fade into one another.
I couldn't begin to tell you when things started running backwards and inverse.
I couldn't even recall the reason or an explanation for this change in pace.
A big brick wall is the only thing I can comprehend, for I built it myself.
Deciding that it was what would keep me balanced and somewhat rational,
I can concentrate on things that won't make me lost and incoherent.
A mix of the past and memories lie behind this wall I cannot break.
I've built it too strong and too thick due to fear and insecurities.
Theres just a rope, and it seems to be made of something hazardous.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The straight line to love.

Your words linger in the air as I return from watching the car pull away.
I lay on the floor, as your sentences settle into the carpet.
If only every hour you spent staring into my eyes was captured
in a photograph, I could then pretend that time is tangible.
All it is, is a straight line. A series of events, a past, a present, and you.
You're all I'm hoping for in the road that lies ahead of me.

It's only you.

Soaring mindsets.

you know how they tell you that if you have the mindset for something, that it will all be okay?
how they say that if you believe something will work out, that it will? what if it doesn’t?

i’m trying so hard to say that everything is going to happen the way i want it to.
but i don’t know if i really do. i’m afraid to, i think. maybe what everyone says is true..
maybe you just really really have to truely believe it. i’m just scared that if i do..
i’m going to be let down.

and i really don’t know if i can handle that right now.