Thursday, February 26, 2009

You make me sick.

Every last one of you.

Open your goddamn minds.

This place isn't somewhere for you to stomp around.. atleast I don't think that's what was intended..
Live, laugh, love.. thats what you preach, isn't it?

Stop bitching and complaining about every little goddamn thing in your path, please.
Look at the big picture, that mural hanging above your head..
your neighbor's issues aren't painted there.. thats your life.

Why base every move you make off of other's actions?
Why wait and plan your life until you make sure it will work with others'?

Thats not how this world will recover, thats not how things are going to get better.
This place is so cold. It's depressing and everybody hates eachother.

When are you going to start living?
When are you going to start caring?
When are you going to stop molding into everyone else?

You can change.
I promise, it doesn't hurt.

(Please excuse the profanity, I sware it's merely to get my point across.)

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