Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I found a picture of us today..

I wish you would've been around long enough to tell me about the things you've done,
the places you've been and the people you have encountered.
I know I could've learned from you.. and I wish I could remember your smell, your hugs, and your voice.
I wish that you could be a memory to me so I could tell people about how much love you had for me.

In this picture I have been staring at you look like you loved me so much.
Your hands are so big and broad and gentle all at once.
And I don't seem to mind being in them one bit.

I hope you're happy wherever you may be.
Whether you're in some sort of heaven or leaning over my shoulder reading this,
just know that I love you and GG; and thank you for being so good to my mom.

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