Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pain Tolerance

Am I immune?

Have I pushed so much away,
that I've built an invisible forcefield?

Am I immune?

Did I take to much to help numb the pain,
that I killed all the nerves I had left?
Did I hide from everything so long,
that even emotions cant find me now?

Am I immune?

Have I been hurt so much,
that i dont even recognize the pressure anymore?

I am not immune.
I am mortal.

I have chosen to push away
I have chosen to resist, to numb, to hide and to ignore.

Everything I put aside should be dealt with.
They tell me to cry and grieve and understand.
I understand reality, and I understand that I cannot,
under any circumstance show my burdens,
merely because it has a negative effect on optimism.

Complaints and tears do not solve or cure.
Only determination will.

Change today.. you can.

Speak - Act - Tolerate - Live

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